Una vita da ricercatore

Com’è la vita di un ricercatore? Se avete guardato “The Big Bang Theory”, probabilmente vi sarete fatti un’idea, che diventerebbe corretta se levaste le parti umoristiche. No, sto scherzando. Adoro […]

A researcher’s life

What’s like to be a researcher? Well, if you watched “The Big Bang Theory”, you might have an idea, which becomes correct if you remove the fun part. No, just […]

The healthiest country in 2019 is…

According to Bloomberg (the well-known company that performs data analysis and much more), in 2019 Spain is the healthiest country in the world. But how did they measure countries’ health? […]

One day in Athens

Yes, I made it. I walked through all main Athens’ attractions within a day. Of course, I had to give up on something, but still, very little if you consider […]