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Category: Education (ITA/EN)

Una vita da ricercatore

Com’è la vita di un ricercatore? Se avete guardato “The Big Bang Theory”, probabilmente vi sarete fatti un’idea, che diventerebbe corretta se levaste le parti umoristiche. No, sto scherzando. Adoro […]

A researcher’s life

What’s like to be a researcher? Well, if you watched “The Big Bang Theory”, you might have an idea, which becomes correct if you remove the fun part. No, just […]

The secrets of DNA (part 2)

In a previous post (this one) I described how DNA is structured and how is organized in the cell. I mentioned that some chromosome regions are accessible and others closed […]

Come insorgono i tumori?

Ho già dedicato un post (qui, in inglese) per spiegare come e quanto siano diffusi i tumori. In questo post mi concentrerò invece su come i tumori insorgono. Sappiamo che […]

How does cancer arise?

I’ve already dedicated a post (here) to describe how frequent tumors are. In this post I will focus instead on how tumors arise. We know that viruses and bacteria are […]

The secrets of DNA (part 1)

What do we know about DNA? A lot, but not everything yet. I am a biologist and DNA has been my Polar Star during the last 10 years (moving from […]